'Why has God allowed this horrible thing to happen?' -- we've all heard this refrain.
What if He didn't allow death and tragedy -- and especially tragic, painfull, untimely deaths or any other tragic events?
Walking along path, one comes to a lake and in middle is child screaming for help; one starts to shed coat and shoes, but then realizes 'God doesn't allow anything tragically deadly to happen and clearly always saves someone in this type of situation' -- so resume walk along path:  with no negative/tragic outcomes possible, there is no need for any positive/helpful/full-of-grace/holy initiatives by anyone, and so no growth of soul 
[no self-definition/formation-of-own-values --see:  life's meaning].

Only the possibility of loss/tragedy-of-one-sort-or-another [disease, accident, persecution, injustice, pain, poverty, imprisonment, ignorance etc.] provides reason to focus life on God's/Christ's system of values and make them our own -- make ourselves/our-souls aligned with heavenly virtue.

Without tragedy, or at least its practical possibility, we have no salvation [for fallen beings who do in fact require it -- tragedy/death are the penalties of original sin].