tax of assets:

While all the procedures & ideas contained in this Constitution are able to be implemented “as is” without any other preconditions [these effectively are natural laws, and as such could no more fail to benefit their implementers, than gravity could fail to operate somewhere here on this planet], nevertheless, the highest degree of efficiency will be obtained if major distortions of the economy/socio-economic-landscape have first been tempered to more rational levels. To that effect, the following six [6] steps of a “Pre-implementation Asset Tax” are specified to alleviate monetary/influence excesses among the populace.

1.A. Legislate a presumptive asset tax of ninety-five percent [95%] on all citizens with an asset total exceeding [adjustable for varying national economies at equivalent percentage of ISEW for year 2000AD in U.S.A.] one million euros [1,000,000], but excluding from that total their [voting age citizen's] principal residence and its site land of one hector or less [plus, see 1.B regarding non-incorporated businesses]; however, there is to be implementation at that rate only if someone moves their assets out of the nation in question. There should be included a requirement for a security bond for each single moveable possession on major [over three thousand euros: 3,000] valuation [such as jewelry, aircraft, ship, yacht, automobile, group of antiques, etc.] which a citizen wishes to temporarily take out of the nation.

1.B. For non-incorporated businesses, excluded from an asset tax would be business assets of:

a. Structures & utilities & lands [in as many locations as desired] that are directly [not via some other party or business partner, and must have immediate effect on business functions] used for said business purposes [transactions, services, storage, interviews, clerical, advertising, etc.] at least eighty percent [80%] regarding both time & area.

b. Stock/inventory items of any valuations as long as they are turned-over/sold-or-traded for one hundred percent [100%] of their purchase/creation-parts-cost within any three-year period; any such items not so one hundred percent [100%] turned-over shall be subject to standard asset tax rate for its category [liquid; financial non-liquid; personal; other created category] for the amount of their valuation below one hundred percent [100%] of cost – so, if only turned-over seventy percent [70%] of the item's valuation, then the other thirty percent [30%] would be subject to the asset tax.

Additionally, owner must confirm the legitimate “business” nature of said assets by either:

  1. local grand jury inquiry; or

     2.a. Having yearly average [over three year period] turnover/sales for which sales/trade receipts can be provided for recorded/discovered stock/inventory values in place at start of said three year    period; and

       b. having record of non-private public traffic/service of involved structures/utilities/land for eighty percent [80%] of the time [local business standard week hours]; but, if only, say, sixty-five  percent [65%] of time, then fifteen percent [15%] of valuations of said structures/utilities/land to be subject to its category of asset tax.

2. Grade the taxation according to the nature of the asset: liquid assets at full rate; non-liquid at various reduced rates according to type [financial non-liquid at two-thirds (2/3) rate; personal jewelry at one-third (1/3) rate; etc.].

3.A. Start the asset tax at a yearly rate of fifteen percent [15%] on all assets exceeding one million euros [1,000,000] and excluding principal residence & land as specified above.

  B. Allow for a five percent [5%] variation of that base rate either upwards or downwards, as time progresses and the influence/monetary distortions are statistically shown to have [or have not: so upwards] significantly moderated.

4. Put a termination date on the asset tax, which is to be the year of the final implementation of all major economic/land reform/electoral/court/secrecy requirements specified in “Roots of Law”.

5. In addition to the asset tax, also legislate significant penalties [similar to national laws on theft] for anyone violating this tax requirement.

6. Emphasize that each person's primary home residence is fully exempt from said asset tax up to any imaginable sum, as long as that does not involve special highly expensive add-ons [gem quality attached (all non-attached items are separately evaluated & taxed) chandeliers, jade paneling, etc.].