soul:  [see also:  grace, life's meaning, and sin]

A soul is probably created out of core non-dimensional substance of Universe [i.e. all universes; see Synergetics by R. Buckminster FULLER] and so indirectly [or directly?] probably out of thread [or based upon said thread] of God Himself [and thus eternal -- only God is eternal].

Soul is the operative element of all things 'living' and its eternal existence includes free-willed mind [as distinct from brain -- used by mind as one of its instruments].

The soul's core non-dimensional substance of Universe with its linkage to body also provides distinction from, and supremacy over, all merely material elements and fabrications, such as robots -- and likely provides inter-dimensional mental/brain-function thought promptings/harmonics that is communication additional to that from Holy Spirit.

Paired with the body at conception, they share experience & knowledge & the results of all decisions [grace facets, or rejection of grace facets], but only the soul controls 'mind' and endures after bodily death.

The soul accumulates/chooses own 'surface' characteristics/identity/tendencies/biases [as distinct from substantive Godly identity of life/grace facets], and so likely also has memory of one intensity or another.

As it is likely that the soul is based upon some thread of God Himself, it is only logical that said soul have natural fulfillment only from heavenly substance/grace, but is free-willed to choose other options including non-substance/non-grace-facets/separation-from-God/death-of-soul-substance/hell.

If the soul's choices, while within body and growing/defining itself, included graces/substance, then it has attached itself to heaven or at least to heavenly affiliates.

If choices did not include substance/graces, then after bodily linkage is attached to separation-from-God/hell.  Lacking grace/substance/power, the soul's continued existance is only with consciousness of self and with ability to communicate where made possible [example: not into heaven], but without ability to alter anything -- in itself or elsewhere.  Such a condition will probably continue for the duration of the existance of the particular universe from which it originated, and likely beyond that into eternity; but as God is such of both heaven and hell, He could choose [may from beginning have already done so] to alter that scenario in some cases.