life's meaning:

A.  God is, among other attributes, the composite of all positive values that are conceiveable of existance, and He is this through His Own free choice.
[Indeed, the experience called 'life' is best described by the word 'choice' which in turn is freed-up to be functional via the mechanism of 'awareness'.]

B.  God has lovingly chosen to extend to we humans that same right of free choice in determining our own 'attribute make-up', our own self-definition;
we can, through the gifts of grace of the Holy Ghost, select the type & quality & quantity of all or some or none of these same inherent values of God
[love & charity, truth & beauty, mercy & justice, long-suffering dedication (if only to the core values of life itself) & resiliency, wisdom & humor, determination & constancy, bravery & self-sacrifice, etc. -- and each with infinite multitude of variations & combinations] to be our own values, and by such free choice of the facets of our own make-up to 'define ourselves' and determine our own unique identity in universe, in process that is one which is 'image of God's' own identity process.

C.  In giving us life, God did not just create an arbitrarily molded being of fixed attributes & dimensions, but 'meaningfully' set each of us [even infants who die before delivery:  they have still been touched in their brief existance with core elements/values of life of which their souls freely affirmed or modified or rejected said elements/values in the purest of unambiguous & undistorted & uncomplicated environments] on an open pathway to internal attribute
self-selection, so that during our life-time period of trial of choices, we may chose:
      a.  to fashion unique soul-entity that could be pleasant surprise even to God [He does not with infinite certitude know all of our future choices], and which process -- over the sequences of life -- fills universe with infinity of compatible-to-God marvelous creative beings constituting the truest possible fulfillment of 'magnification' & 'blossoming' of God Himself, and infinite extrapolation of all the operative possibilities of all His virtues;
 or, b. to reject substantive positive values -- even in their weakest, most watered-down form -- of the Godhead, and instead to chose hollow shadows giving only negativity, disharmony, destruction, death -- and ultimate separation from God:  hell.