Our best evaluation of heaven clearly comes from Christ's words on the subject.
1.  It's not for everyone [a narrow path].
2.  Is beyond man's ability to imagine.
3.  Has no marriage [but for project implementation, a maximally & uniquely compatible soul pairing of male-female may     afford perfect efficiency due to each sex's special aptitude in various areas of insight & appreciation?].
4.  Acheived via acts/commitments involving love of God & love of neighbor [Matthew 25: 31-46].

More speculatively, a possible 'heaven' level short of actual heaven? -- A: heaven with full contact with God and communication [and possibly even interaction] with all beings in all dimensions/heavens; B: for many who fall short of heavenly criteria, 'earth bound heaven' eternally within physical [accessible, multifrequency overlapping Earths-- for unlimited area] limits of this stabilized planet, galaxy, universe???

'Hell', eternal exclusion from God's presence, is a different subject.