Grace is the very essence of life founting through the Paraclete; its chief outward signs are understanding and communication.
A.  Actual Grace [or Communicating Grace] is the ongoing continual contact by Paraclete with each being -- 'continual' as long as being does not sin against the Paraclete via rejection of the contact itself, or the principle behind it.
B.  a.  Sanctifying Grace [or Constructive/Transformational Grace] is the substantive essence of Life itself which is formative into infinite number & type of facets and which unique collection of such 'facets of grace' forms the substance/identity of each being for eternity.
      b.  Sacramental Grace is a sub-set of Sanctifying Grace in which it is fashioned into a unique & purposefully designated bundle of grace in order to support & mark some 'life commitment' [seven sacraments]; there also are sub-sets of these seven sacraments when some special support & mark provided by grace is clearly providing assistance to some function which is both significant & different & additional to functions associated with 7  main sacraments.

           sacrament                                                  commitment

         Baptism                                                       to God
         Confirmation                                                to Paraclete & Trinity [enforcement in commitment to, &                                                                                                   appreciation/communication of, Paraclete & Trinity
         Penance                                                       to justice & truth
         Holy Eucharist                                              to Christ & His Word
         Matrimony                                                   to  partner(s)  in birth/life-creation
             subsets:  a.  monogamy
                           b.  polygamy
         Holy Orders                                                 to Christ's ministry & cross
             subsets:  a.  deaconate/religious order & monestery
                           b.  presbyterate ['priest']
                           c.  episcopate    ['bishop']
                           d.  cardinalate
                           e.  papacy
          Anointing of the Sick  [Extreme Unction]      to life's summation/product/result/commitment/opportunities