females in priesthood:

While due to considerations of appropriate biblical symbolism, and of different levels of vulnerability to physical attack & social abuse, there properly exists a channeling of males & females into different categories of function within the Church, these categories are only 'optimal preferences' which assume that all other critical factors are equal.  Should said other factors not be equal -- such as a longterm shortage of males as priests or even bishops -- then the over-riding core
requirement to fulfill Christ's instructions and care for His flock would take precedence, and thus admit of females into the priesthood in major percentages.

As of this date [2017], and with the prospect of allowing some priests to be married, no such situation exists, but there are singular situations in which even today it would benefit some of the flock to have access to female priests for consecrating the Euchrist, conferring Penance, and anointing the sick.
Specifically, in convents & female-only institutions of education/convalescence/hospitalization/imprisonment/etc., it should be allowed [with consent of local bishop] to ordain with Holy Orders one -- and up to three with local bishop's confirmation of practical benefit -- female member [preferably of middle age or younger to better assure longterm service] of religious order assigned to duty at that location [choice of member to be up to the superior of that order].