Epistles of Paul:

The Epistles of Paul [probably written by two or more different persons -- which parts are those of Saul?] should be removed as legitimate canonical vessels embodying the truest integrity of Christian witness or revelation.

An example of the imprecision, false innuendo, and out-right error occasionally encountered in some of these texts is in 1 Timothy, 6th chapter on 'Slaves', whereby is stated -- in error [even for this early period of history and its struggling Church] to true Christian justice, and personal responsibility & honesty, and the necessary freedom of evaluation & judgment required for spiritual growth -- that "All slaves 'under the yoke' must have unqualified respect for their masters".

While removed from the body of authentic works of the Bible, nevertheless these Epistles attributed to Saul may still be used for personal edification where the user believes that the passages of said study provide some benefit; but this should be done with great care and always comparing it with Christ's own words on the given subject as the ultimate authority on the matter.