environmental policy:
Below are some environmental pages pasted-in from my book "ROOTS of LAW"; at end [if get that far] will see a complicated chart that didn't translate well.

I.L.2.0 Pollution Regulation:

In accordance with “Non-interference Doctrine Exception Category” number four, and since the purity of one’s living environment is the base element in the preservation of life and of all other rights, NO one may place into the environment anything or any degree of concentration of said thing, that is not natural to that local environment;


A. it is provably harmless, or so contained and located that it does not affect any other creature [example: electronic noise held in by house walls; chemicals changed to all naturally occurring forms, and with concentrations similarly diluted; chemicals containerized and stored in the responsible parties’ own living or working property; etc.];


B. a “finding is registered by a Bureau of Environmental Protection stating that there is a scientific probability [50+% possibility] that the pollutant in question does no long-term damage to man, or to other central-nervous-systemed animals, of a deadly or crippling or incapacitating nature, and a “disruption fee” is paid in accordance with “Non-interference Doctrine Exception Category” number four;

OR ELSE, C. it is to be stopped and requisite clean-up ordered and penalty fees levied.

Disruption fees” [and penalty fees] are to be determined as follows [or in similar form]:

a. Classes of disruption [noise, CO₂, SO₂, sludge, etc.] are to be identified and registered by vote;

b. Measurement categories [decibels per distance, grams per volume, pH per concentration, particles per billion, etc.] are to be established and registered by vote for all of the classes of disruption;

c. A base unit number [100 decibels at 75 feet, 5 grams per 10 liters, 3 particles per 100 billion, etc.] is to be set by vote for each category of each class, and is to be used as a yardstick and a multiple for determining the degree of violation involved in each offense;

. A fee amount per time duration that the violation continued is to be set by vote for each base unit number of a violation; thus: if €10 for every 30 minutes that each base unit of some violation continues, then if a violation is measured as having amounted to five base unit numbers and it continued for two hours, then on this “€10 for 30 minutes” scale there would result a disruption fee [fine] of 10 x 4 [30 minutes x 4=2 hours] for €40 for each base unit number of violation and then that x 5, because there were five base unit numbers of violation, and so giving a total fine of €200;

d. Once an amount is set for ., then at every voting occasion thereafter the amount will be increased or decreased in proportion to the degree of vote upon each fee amount per time duration [for each base unit of disruption]; so if the fee amount was 10 for every 30 minutes on a given item and it received 60% vote approval vs. 40% vote disapproval, then because that is 1.5 to 1 ratio of approval, the fee [fine] will automatically be increased by 1.5 to 15 [in similar manner, it could decline]; and,

e. All voting is to be public – publicly recorded and published [rarely by secret ballot except occasionally as “check” votes; and, of course, “public” does not mean that one cannot have privacy while voting (indeed, it is an operational necessity), but only that both one’s immediate voting action is publicly shown on a local total or other board as soon as one has completed his voting, and that a later list is publicly posted also giving everyone’s vote]; and, where there are more than two items amongst which to be chosen, proportional vote determination shall be used: thus, if a vote is called on a new number of minutes – to be filled in on the ballot – to be used for the time duration, then if 200 people vote for 50 minutes and 400 people vote for 40 minutes and another 400 people vote for 30 minutes then [200 x 50] + [400 x 40] + [400 x30] equals 38,000 minutes to be divided by 1,000 people voting, and giving a proportional vote result of 38 minutes.

IV.L.0.0 All species [faunal & floral] are the joint heritage of man and of all the other species. Any government or society which itself does, or allows any individual within its controlled territory to do, significant damage [directly or through environmental degradation] to the very possibility of the continued existence of any species of mammal, or any genera of any life form above the single cell level, shall hereby be declared an international outlaw and in a state of de facto warfare with all other governments and societies which shall then be morally and legally entitled to either act and intervene on that territory [in accordance with “Non-interference Doctrine Exception Category” number nine] to rectify the situation, or to declare a formal state of war and of ostracism upon that offending government or society.

IV.L.1.0 It is the law of VerVivo to participate in World Habitat Preservation [including assistance to all Animal Nations that come into being – see IV.L.4.0.0 & 4.0.1] on a large scale –one third [33-1/3%] of each habitat and eco-system and of total world areas – to fulfill its responsibilities to all life forms, to promote the beauty and diversity and value of life itself, and to repay and parallel the Creator’s gift of life to us with similar help to life for the less powerful creatures.

IV.L.2.0 It is also the law of VerVivo to participate in the establishment of a WORLD ECOLOGICAL EXTENSION SERVICE to help implement and monitor and enforce the World Habitat Preservation which is so critically needed, and also [since world ecology is single system with each factor and section of world effecting every other factor and section] to help provide organizational, educational, research, technical, material, and enforcement assistance for an entire range of ecological matters including: habitat selection, protection for sanctuaries and preserves, park and zoo planning, ranching and agricultural improvement and balance, weather and tide analysis, marsh and tidal zone studies, the creation of ecology-related school courses, etc..

IV.L.3.0 To provide relief for needless animal suffering [and, as a corollary, to provide for man a better appreciation of all life], it is hereby the law to:

IV.L.3.1 have major pet populations [cats and dogs] segregated by sex regions to kindly end their over populations; examples of recommendations are:

for North America, that females be west of the Mississippi River and males to the east;

for Eastern Europe, that females be east of the Don and Dvina Rivers and males to the west;

for Central Europe, that females be west of the Rhine and Danube Rivers and males to the east; similar arrangements for other of the world’s regions;

IV.L.3.2 end trapping and poisoning and hunting of warm-blooded animals at sea and on land [where do not enter human housing – and even then, the primary control by emphasis on exclusion and better control of food waste];

IV.L.3.3 greatly reduce experimentation on all animals [as an addition to the prohibitions of CHAPTER I.L.2.0 – 2.4], and legislate – in all specifics necessary – that genetic manipulation to cause, or increase risk of, damage to animal is same as causing such damage directly;

IV.L.3.4 upgrade captivity standards in a major way;

IV.L.3.5 set up animal rights standards and laws [apart from what is already specified in CHAPTER I and further developed in parts L.2 and L.3 of that chapter] that are accompanied by serious penalties – accept penalties or face expulsion;

IV.L.3.6 lengthen the life span of captive animals with no “higher” forms to be deliberately killed, except as qualified in I.L.2.3 [and, as possible, reduce killing any form – apart from the most rudimentary such as shellfish – to zero];

IV.L.3.7 terminate all killing of the young of animals [such as lambs, calves, baby goats, baby pigs, etc.] and apply the sternest penalties of all to this category of animal abuse; and,

IV.L.3.8 have similar measures in other animal-related areas [such as export/import, breeding, sales and shipping procedures, etc.].

IV.L.4.0.0 “External” to this VerVivan Constitution, is the model constitution for setting up sovereign Animal Nations.

IV.L.4.0.1 Being “external” means that this Constitution’s “Amendment Procedures” do not apply to the following [4.1] model Constitution for Animal Nations, but does not mean that citizens participant in this Constitution are free from legal obligation to work for & pay towards & defend the setting up and implementation of one or more [such as the one for all world areas, and then nine (9) more on more regional basis – and with all ten (10) interconnected under broader single heading of World Animal Nation (Monda Animalia Nacio)] sovereign Animal Nations. CONSTITUTION OF “MAN”: MONDA ANIMALIA NACIO INTRODUCTION: TERRITORY

“MAN” consists of sovereign territory that comprises:

One worldwide national state [directly ruled from the national capitol: (“prospective”: island of Flores in Atlantic Ocean)] henceforth referred to as “Mondio”, plus nine [9] regional sub-states with each being semi-autonomous “Animalia Nacio”, and henceforth referred to as XAN or XANs.

ANIMAL NATIONS’ LISTING table (table #1)







[with all rights to the sea-floor within its limits]


























Approximately half of all “animal nation” land territory [excluding, from this fifty percent (50%) count, all animal nation land above 70 N and below 60 S and also excluding, from this proportion of fifty percent (50%), underwater sea-floor] is to be controlled directly by MONDIO. The other half is to comprise the nine [9] semi-autonomous “regional animal nation” sub-states. All new territorial acquisitions [whether purchased with funds of MONDIO or with funds of some regional Animal Nation, or whether said territory was donated to the one or the other] are also to eventually be divided fifty-fifty [50/50], but with such division done in large blocks and brought to said 50/50 level only over ten to twelve [10 to 12] year periods. This division is determined by joint cooperation of MONDIO and the involved regional Animal Nation: lack of agreement places the concerned new territory into exclusion zone, which neither party may enter.

For MONDIO and each XAN [regional Animal Nation] the following procedures apply: ADMINISTRATIVE ORGANIZATION

ASSEMBLY – of one hundred and forty-four [144] members [2/3 Category A professionals] for each of the ten [10] Nation/sub-states, and no person may serve – nor stand for election – in more than one animal nation Administration/Assembly [see also: 12.0 ASSEMBLIES & ELECTION]; all ASSEMBLY members must also be “Qualified Voters”.

EXECUTIVE COUNCIL – of eleven [11] members, elected by Assembly from among its own members, and who remain as members of Assembly.

CHER [CHIEF EXECUTIVE REGENT] elected by Executive Council from among its members, and who remains member of Executive Council.

DCh [DEPARTMENT CHIEF] – for each of the twelve [12] executive departments, elected by ASSEMBLY from among its own members, and who remain members of Assembly:

a. Surveying & publishing/printing/map-making & field-guides/visitor-incursion authorization & new territory acquisition/purchase & park and wilderness setups and expansions of zone-sets in human nations.

b. Personnel.

c. Scheduling & coordination & dispute resolution.

. Inspection General [for all matters, including vVv tax collection].

d. Research & Species Survival Intervention.

e. Education & language & communication [inter-human and inter-species] and records.

f. Finance & budgeting & public relations.

g. Law/courts & defense & monitoring/investigation.

h. Housekeeping [construction, maintenance, repair, cleaning, transport, and mail/goods delivery, etc.].

i. Health & food service [human & non-human].

j. Auditing.

k. Elections [voter authentication & vote tabulation, etc.].

The powers and procedures of the ASSEMBLY [Legislature] and CHER/DCh [Executive] to be according to those set forth in Constitution of VerVivo except where otherwise specifically stated to be different in this animal nation constitution of MAN, and except for Department Chiefs being chosen by Assembly due to variable numbers of the voter base. INSPECTION

Each Animal Nation [MONDIO & each XAN] has its own right to inspect anywhere and at anytime in its own A.N. or in any other A.N. [MONDIO or regional sub-state], but with other parties [other Animal Nations, or bordering/local region human state] having equal right to accompany [inspect] that inspection if they arrive in time [no inspection may be delayed for any reason]. FINANCING

Financing is to be [apart from donations and trust funds] via one percent [1%] SPECIES SURVIVAL sales tax [not d] collected by VerVivo on everything and on every transaction [currency exchange, stock and bond and all financial instrument sales/exchanges and all barters (linking payment with reduction in its amount if convert said payment to currency) and insurance and advertising, etc.] throughout solar system. Upon collection of this tax by VerVivo, and apart from eight percent [8%] of total retained by VerVivo as service fee to assure continuity of its capabilities and facilities, the whole is to be transferred to the Administrations of the Animal Nations on the basis of fifty-five percent [55%] to MONDIO and five percent [5%] to each of the nine [9] regional Animal Nations [sub-states].

The term “finances” is taken to mean all assets of liquid or semi-liquid nature: trust funds, donations, tax revenues, bonds, stocks, other financial instruments, non-A.N. real estate & legally convertible fixed assets [that is, not integral part of any Animal Nation definition of territory: such as sea-beds or their subsurface constituents except by eighty percent (80%) vote of all possible ASSEMBLY members of the involved Animal Nation, and then only for maximum ten-year (10-year) trials on area of the A.N. not to exceed one percent (1%) of total area for the combination of all such trials during that ten-year (10-year) period]. OPERATIONAL CONTROL

MONDIO has total “Operational Control” of all matters within its territory, and of hiring of all personnel working for it or within its territory. Each XAN has total “Operational Control” of all matters within its territory, and of hiring of all personnel working for it or within its territory, except that each XAN is obligated to cooperate with MONDIO on any matter effecting both MONDIO and itself, or effecting one or more other XAN and itself – with MONDIO providing coordination for said cooperation even if matter does not effect territory or inhabitants [human or non-human] at MONDIO.

Disputes over “cooperation” are to be settled from offices in MONDIO by the Inter-Animal-Nations' DISPUTE RESOLUTION COMMITTEE which is to be composed of fourteen [14] members [5 from MONDIO and 1 from each of the 9 XAN], and with each member appointed by its Animal Nation CHER out of the ten (10) most senior [longest cumulative active duty] members of each of their respective Department Cs [scheduling & coordination & dispute resolution]. Decision is by vote of eight [8] or more for one given proposal.

Withdrawal of any or all XAN personnel of one or more XAN out of its own territory [or out of some particular operational areas of their territory] – but not out of Headquarters district [site and surrounding area: local island, peninsula, etc.], nor out of its eight [8] primary Base Camps/Depots/Ports/Staging Areas – can be ordered upon any XAN by two-thirds [2/3] vote of MONDIA ASSEMBLY and approval of MONDIA CHER: but this can only be done on year-by-year basis [new vote needed each year], and with MONDIO obligated to try to replace all Regional on-site personnel that were removed with own personnel if have them available, or else with no one -- and, in turn, the effected XAN may [by its own ASSEMBLY similar vote] order to exclude any or all MONDIA personnel from taking the place of their XAN personnel; at that point, both groups can only enforce a cordon of quarantine around the effected area. PERSONNEL

A. Each A.N. has totally free hand in HIRING [directly or indirectly] all personnel.

A.1. Those personnel either are directly paid by their own ASSEMBLY or directly work in the name of that particular A.N. within [at least part of the time] its own, or other A.N.-controlled, territory;

A.2. or, are contracted personnel working only indirectly for A.N., but directly for some group or company existing outside the total ownership and control of the A.N.;


a. All A.1 directly hired personnel [including investigators and defense personnel] must be selected from among that Animal Nation’s recognized authorized voters [career commitments to animal interest as approximated in the VOTER QUALIFICATION section of 12.0 (Assemblies & Election) in its last election prior to the time of being hired]. Once hired, that position [in field, in Administration, or in Assembly] of working directly for MAN [MONDIO or XAN] automatically qualifies them for triple [possible quadruple if already a double as per 12.0, ASSEMBLIES & ELECTION: XAN ASSEMBLY members] voting right in next election under:

       1. The original category [zoology, pachyderms, Greenpeace, etc.];

       2. ANOP [Animal Nation Operating Personnel] general category B;

       3. ANOP particular to one of the ten Animal Nations under Category B.

b. PROPORTION of directly employed personnel [i.e., 5.A.1 voters] is not to exceed:

5% from any one CATEGORY A profession [as listed voting category – see 12.0];

20% from any one Category B specialty group [as listed voting category – see 12.0];

5% from any one native [non-E-2000] language group regarding territory of MONDIO;

20% from any one native [non-E-2000] language group regarding territory of each XAN; except that, for Regionals, that total may go to 30% if the group itself at that time comprises [or, at time since start of Animal Nation in question, did comprise] more than 30% of the population of that Region [disputes as to what comprises a language group will be settled by vote of MONDIA ASSEMBLY both for MONDIO and for each of the XANs];

5% from any one nation [or former nation that changed national status after start of A.N.] regarding MONDIO;

20% from any one nation regarding each XAN except that for Regionals that total may go to 30% if that nation itself comprises more than 30% of the total land area of that Region.

c. Personal Contract [renewable, but initially for three (3) to seven (7) years: depending on duty involved and set by Assembly] must be signed, and performance bond posted [size determined by Assembly, and proportional to degree-of-responsibility and to value-of-assets involved] by all directly hired personnel [i.e., those who are voters – but not elected ASSEMBLY members – and have presumed career commitment to animal rights]:

this is to cover penalty for early withdrawal or non-performance, as well as to cover cost of damage done or of misconduct – MONDIO & XAN have no punitive penalties [imprisonment or anything else] to impose, so that the only recourses are:

         1. dismissal;

         2. recovery of lost assets;

         3. compensation for damage done via full or partial forfeiture of bond. NOTE: Judicial Procedures are as per Constitution of VerVivo, but where that involves more than mere readily available assets of personnel and investigative tools, A.N. can [on given case, or set of cases, and with specific ASSEMBLY approval] select some other nation [human] to conduct the various court and related legal procedures, with costs to be borne by the nation agreeing to the honor of conducting the particular case in law.

B. RESIDENCE LOCATIONS for personnel are to be confined, as much as possible, to the Administrative District of the given A.N. Any non-Administrative District residency is to be either at eight combination BASE CAMPS/DEPOTS/PORTS/STAGING AREAS, or at various temporary campsites; said temporary campsites, or dwelling-vehicle parking-lots are to be:

    1. limited to small number [at most, one per ten thousand (10,000) square kilometers];

          2. of occupied/disturbed area not to exceed one hectare.

All residences – permanent or temporary – are to be:

         1. non-polluting [chemicals, noise, etc.];

         2. blended into the terrain, or camouflaged, as well as possible.

C. TRAVEL OF PERSONNEL within Animal Nation is to be by highly muffled small amphibious vehicle or gyrocopter, or by domesticated animal, or by balloon, or by noiseless boat that is totally non-polluting: individual exceptions may be made by special one-off vote of ASSEMBLY for A.N. involved; no prepared roads are to be used except for old ones decaying back into nature. ZONE-CATEGORIES

A. Territory under full control of each A.N. is divided into 4 ZONE-CATEGORIES. New territorial additions are similarly apportioned among the four zones, but done so in large blocs and so that inner zones may be simply moved outward as area enlarges – if said new territory is contiguous and not isolated or otherwise non-combinable with older areas.

1. SANCTUARY ZONE: half of all territory; no entry even by Animal Nation personnel except by special one-off vote of ASSEMBLY for that area. “One-off” = one specific violation of non-entry at one specific location, on one specific date, for one specific time duration.

2. REFUGE ZONE: quarter of all territory; entry only by A.N. personnel; this is the area into which evolving species, demonstrating greater intelligence and more developed communication and better social organization, are to be encouraged [not coerced] to move or expand, and which species are to be given [with specially created sub-zones within this zone] limited special protection and limited self-developmental autonomy. “Limited” = non-destruction of other species by the evolving species, and no direct interference [determined by ASSEMBLY] by humans with the evolving species.

3. PRESERVE ZONE: eighth of all territory; entry only by A.N. personnel and by specially licensed [by ASSEMBLY] expeditions [research, non-A.N. investigations, nature photography, or any other responsible entity deemed non-threatening to the Preserve] accompanied [for a fee] by A.N. patrol or after posting heavy bond and allowing thorough check of all equipment, as well as thorough personal background check to determine any present or past [must be over ten (10) years old to be involved] involvement in hunting or destructive [not scientific live] trapping.

4. WILDERNESS-PARK ZONE: eighth of all territory; entry permitted to general public on limited basis [x number people per given area per day] and only after posting general insurance bond against damage [including littering and pollution] – offenders may, apart from full or partial loss of bond, be denied reentry for up to thirty [30] years at any A.N. location around world unless ASSEMBLY of the effected A.N. votes an exception or time reduction to the given penalty.

B. Territory not under full control of A.N. is to be encouraged to be placed into similar set of four zone-categories within each sovereign human nation [and even paid for when and where possible; i.e., pay reward to sovereign human nation for each increase in level of protection/zone-category or increase of area per given zone]. Territory that is finally moved up into the top zone-category of “SANCTUARY” is then ready to be bought by A.N. [in whole, or in part, according to wishes of nation(s) involved, and according to purchase-assets available to be paid by the given A.N. – or by some donating third party] so as to assume full sovereignty and protection rights to it. To help begin this process, and to demonstrate the value of such withdrawal of land from primary human use, each A.N. is to help in setting up local non-wilderness and wilderness parks and other “green” areas within the states/provinces and even within inner cities [green corridors from city to suburb to countryside and to coastal shores and to various headwaters] of every human nation agreeable to such cooperation. RECORDS

All records on all matters [votes, finances, personnel, buildings, craft, general defense positioning – specifics would vary hour-to-hour – and files of any nature] are to be routinely open to the world public, but fee can be charged for anything requiring expenditure of supplies or personnel time [copies, mailing, conducted tours, etc.]. ENFORCEMENT

A. PATROL FORCES of each A.N. are to quarantine all territories under its sovereignty against unauthorized intrusion by humans or [apart from the spontaneous] other non-native species, and to remove any violators [control techniques are NEVER to involve deliberate killing of anyone, including animals down to ten cell (10-cell) organisms].

B. LEGAL DEPARTMENT of each A.N. is to prosecute:

            1. Violators of A.N. laws, and

2. Perpetrators of damage to A.N. inhabitants [especially non- human] and biota and assets. Said prosecution can be by both in-house A.N. legal system, and non-A.N. legal systems, both as to transfer [with specific ASSEMBLY approval] of A.N. case into some other nation’s legal system [where said nation and the defendants agree to the transfer, and that other nation also agrees to cover all legal costs] and as to prosecution involving international court suit with attachment of defendant’s bank account and other assets [so long as are non-personal and non- dwelling items]. In short, violators are to face full legal prosecution for redress, involving factors even beyond the initial penalties of expulsion, bond forfeiture, and forfeiture of equipment and vehicles and other assets in their possession at time of violation [if part or all of that is not sufficient to cover value of damage done].

C. INVESTIGATION TEAMS are to conduct inspections:

1. Within all territories of each A.N. as to their conditions.

2. On all personnel working for each A.N., including on patrol forces and even on other investigation teams.

3. On all territories, outside of MONDIO and XANs, throughout the world, so as to obtain reliable data on species endangerment, environmental degradation, and animal rights violations [while another nation has the right to accompany and/or monitor these investigation teams, they have no right to block them or delay them, because the international Right of Transit would apply here, and with this right being accompanied by the fact that no nation has absolute sovereignty over the creatures – especially with no access to voting – within its territory, so no area would be “off-limits”]. FORBIDDEN

Each A.N. is forbidden to deliberately kill or injure [even self-defense will activate some penalty] any animal [which concept is not the same as enhancement of natural biological balances which utilize predation].

Each A.N. is forbidden to sell or lease or otherwise reduce its absolute control over any part of its accumulated territory, except as pertains to certain non-biota mineral items as per 3.0 FINANCING: “such as sea-beds or their subsurface”.

Each A.N. is forbidden to interfere in any environmental development that is not man-made: i.e., will not interfere in fire, flood, pestilence, drought, etc. EXCEPT ON EXTINCTION: must take steps, even if the danger is due to natural forces, to ensure that no mammalian genus becomes extinct [must set up, if necessary, special areas in which to nurture such endangered genus]; additionally, this EXCEPTION to allow intervention even against presumably natural forces is to be extended – but only after special vote of the MONDIA ASSEMBLY [at least obtaining one-third vote of all possible voters] and only after special vote of at least one Regional A.N. ASSEMBLY via simple majority vote of all possible voters – to prevent the extinction even of a single species of any form of biota. MANDATE

Each ANIMAL NATION’S cardinal operating principle is full respect and dedication to the RIGHTS OF ANIMALS [especially as listed in the Constitution of the Nomocracy of VerVivo] whether living within A.N. territory or not, and also not to recognize any special priority or need or interest of one species [including of Homo sapiens sapiens] over any other species: except as Homo sapiens sapiens has been given special responsibilities relating to the function of the Animal Nations via this CONSTITUTION.

Each ANIMAL NATION’S territory is to be used solely “in the interest of” the native species of given region, and also in the interest of any non-native, non-human invasive species IF the MONDIA ASSEMBLY OR the involved Regional A.N. ASSEMBLY votes, with majority of total possible vote, to designate said invasion as being within normal parameters of natural species migration/transfer, or else that the invasion is non-threatening to the native species.

IN THE INTEREST OF= preservation of whatever natural environmental factors are required, to permit each and every species therein residing, to develop over time [eons, if necessary] into their highest possible state of evolutionary development [and with “highest” meaning as regards “values” which are determined, not by Homo sapiens sapiens, but solely by the naturally existing environment, and with “naturally existing” meaning not altered by humans in any premeditated way, nor in any non-premeditated way which is systematic and which impacts one or more areas more severely than the planet as a whole]. AMENDMENT

NO AMENDMENT is permitted for: 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11.

AMENDMENT for: INTRODUCTION: TERRITORY, 1, 3, 5, 6 & 12 is to be via general principles found for Amendment in CONSTITUTION OF NOMOCRACY OF VERVIVO. ASSEMBLIES & ELECTION


Individual members of ASSEMBLIES are:

Authorization to be voter – who elects members to one or more or all ten [10] ASSEMBLIES of the ten [10] ANIMAL NATIONS – is according to requirements in this CONSTITUTION at 12.0 “VOTER QUALIFICATION”.

Run-offs to be conducted according to procedure in chapter on ELECTIONS in the CONSTITUTION OF THE NOMOCRACY OF VERVIVO.

  1. Worldwide organizations of Category A [ninety-six (96) ASSEMBLY members of each A.N. ASSEMBLY elected by organizations/categories involved in: animal communication, botany, entomology, zoology, etc.] and Category B [twenty-four (24) ASSEMBLY members of each A.N. ASSEMBLY elected by organizations/categories such as: Greenpeace, IUCN, etc.] would have each of their qualified “voter-members”:

  1. cast/mark votes on eleven [11] separate vote-ballots during one election process [and not counting any required run-offs which would thus cause multiplication of this number]; note: the eleven [11] vote-ballots come from: one for each of ten [10] A.N. and one extra for Regional A.N. of their choice of registry – but cannot change registry thereafter;

  2. cast/mark multiple choices of preferred candidates on some of these vote-ballots [for organizations/categories which are required to elect more than one member to each ASSEMBLY – Great Apes (8), Wildlife Veterinarian (4), Botany (3), Ursidoy (2), etc.] so as to elect the required number of ASSEMBLY members by that category/organization, and this could require frequent run-offs.

B. Essentially Regional organizations/categories, relating to Animal Nations designated as X, X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, X6, X7, X8, X9 [see 4.1.1 to match number with A.N., but obviously X = MONDIO] and which provide the election of twenty-four [24] ASSEMBLY members for each A.N. [and, for these purposes, MONDIO (X) is treated as simply ultra-large Regional], and which organizations/categories are specifically listed within some one Animal Nation, would have their qualified “voter members”:

    1. Cast/mark votes on just one vote-ballot to elect ASSEMBLY members into just one [the preferred one – if that organization operates in, and is listed in, more than one A.N.] Animal Nation ASSEMBLY for which they are specifically listed – and this specific choice of A.N. must be coordinated with other organizations [once choice made, it is then permanent] which may operate in several Regions, but are only allowed one Region in which to vote, because the total of voting organizations/categories must be 24 for each of the Regions [x10 regions = 240 total specifically listed “local” organizations/categories].

    2. Cast/mark multiple choices of preferred candidates similar to A.b., but with maximum multiple choice situation being only three [Wildlife Veterinary Society of given Region].


1. card provided to each “qualified voter”;

2. inflammable & tear resistant & water repellent – may need special pen or marking instrument;

3. contains full list of names of qualified candidates:

      a. for that particular voter’s organization/category;

      b. for that round;

      c. for that particular A.N.; and

4. must be dated and signed after marking the one to eight selections authorized for his organization/category.

MONDIA ASSEMBLY members are:

1. “qualified voters”, of some professional or specialty organization, authorized to elect members of the MONDIA ASSEMBLY;

2. directly elected by other members of their organization/category:

a. only one vote-ballot per member of given organization/category [true for both the one hundred and twenty [120] ASSEMBLY members elected by Worldwide organizations/categories (96 category A, & 24 category B) as well as for the twenty-four [24] region-specific ones];

b. one to eight ASSEMBLY members elected for the given organization/category;

c. repeated run-offs may be necessary as stated elsewhere – ELECTION procedure as per CONSTITUTION OF VERVIVO.

XAN ASSEMBLY members are:

1. “Qualified voters” of some professional or specialty organization, authorized to elect members of the nine [9] REGIONAL [XAN] ASSEMBLIES.

2. Directly elected by other members of their organization/category:

     a. ten [10] vote-ballots [one per each of eight (8) A.N., plus two for some ninth A.N. – to be specified, and registered in, by said voting member] per member of given organization/category for all those who are members of the worldwide organizations/categories of CATEGORY A [elect ninety-six (96) ASSEMBLY members to each of the nine (9) XANs] and of CATEGORY B [elect twenty-four (24) ASSEMBLY members to each of the nine (9) XANs];

     b. one vote-ballot per member of the local Region Specific (X 1-9) organizations/categories who elect twenty-four [24] ASSEMBLY members to each A.N. ASSEMBLY;

     c. one to three ASSEMBLY members elected for the given organization/category;

     . repeated run-offs may be necessary as stated elsewhere – ELECTION procedure as per CONSTITUTION OF VERVIVO;

     d. registry in one A.N., for double [two-vote ballots] voting there, is permanent, and must be to some Region to which can verify some objective link: place of birth or over a decade of on-off residence, of language & culture of own children, etc. – the ASSEMBLY OF MONDIO is to have the authority to determine details in this matter of REGISTRY-FOR-DOUBLE-VOTING, and its decisions shall be binding upon all of the ANIMAL NATIONS which collectively comprise “MAN”.


Both for MONDIO and for each XAN, voter qualification is via each member [of designated organization/specialty-category, who wishes to be thusly empowered to serve MAN through use of vote-ballot] to:

1. Remain Member of said organization/category for at least seven [7] consecutive years, or eight [8] of last ten [10] years, and still be member at time of voting;

2. Remain Active in that given organization or profession or specialty category [Swiss League for Protection of Nature, veterinary medicine, biodiversity, etc.] for at least half those years; “Remain Active” means [excluding ASSEMBLY members whose duties therein constitute full voter qualification] that during those times was:

       a. receiving twenty percent [20%] or more of annual income from that profession or specialty organization; or

       b. having spent, at least, average of one hundred [100] hours per year [and at least sixty (60) hours minimum in each twelve-month (12-month) period that wish to count as “remaining active” time] in activities directly related to that profession or specialty organization; or

       c. having submitted at least 3 professional reports on that profession or specialty activity, and with at least one report published in recognized [technical decision on “professional” and “recognized” made by INSPECTOR GENERAL DEPT.] profession-related or same-specialty-organization-related publication; or

       . having had published anywhere at least one article of at least ten [10] pages [or three thousand (3000) words] that is directly related [technical decisions on “pages” and “words” and “directly related” made by INSPECTOR GENERAL DEPT.] to that profession or specialty organization, and which article had an “at cost” or “above cost” sale to the public that came to total of one hundred thousand [100,000] pages, or thirty million [30,000,000] words.

3. Choose one, and only one, professional or specialty organization to be their vehicle for voting in MONDIA election, if they qualify via being in worldwide organization [but even non-worldwide groups may elect some (24) ASSEMBLY members to MONDIO if they as individuals within that group choose to Register themselves as solely with vote in MONDIO (i.e., X) and thus opting out of right to vote in the Region of their group’s operation/identity, or if their group, though essentially local, has enough out-of-region focus so as to justify being given special classification as X/worldwide regional]; choose one, and only one, professional or specialty organization to be their vehicle for voting in all the XAN elections [all of them if in worldwide group (and with double voting for their own particular Region), or just one if strictly Regional (X1-9)]; one person may vote in both the MONDIA election and in all the XAN elections, if voter-qualified for both via their organization/category listing as such [i.e., not simply Regional (X0-9)]; additionally, the professional organization/category that they choose for their right to vote in MONDIO, and that they choose for XANs, can be different, if voter-qualified in both fields [zoology (MONDIO) & Greenpeace (XANs)].

4. The MONDIA ASSEMBLY will be the ultimate arbiter of disputes regarding the matter of voter qualification, but must adhere to these general outlines.

5. The ELECTION DEPARTMENT will do the core confirmations on all matters specified in this 12.0 ASSEMBLIES & ELECTION.



MONDIO 1 Vote-Ballot 96 Category A Organizations that are Worldwide

                 1 Vote-Ballot 24 Category B Organizations that are Worldwide

         1 Vote-Ballot 24 Category X0 Organizations that are Regional that get special status to vote in Mondio, or Members opted out of right to vote in Region

     9 XAN 10 Vote-Ballots 96 Category A Organizations that are Worldwide

                     [1 of each of 8 XAN,

                      2 of one Special XAN]

         10 Vote-Ballots 24 Category B Organizations that are Worldwide

                    [1 of each of 8 XAN,

                     2 of one Special XAN]

         1 Vote-Ballot 24 Category X1 – X9 Organizations that are strictly Regional

Total Vote-Ballots marked by one voter          11       96 Category A Ballots

                                                                       11      24 Category B

1       24 Category X0 – X9 [24 x 10=240 single A.N. Regional Organizations or Regionally based sub-groups]



] = Number of ASSEMBLY Members Entitled to Elect Above One

[ Total = 24 per each of 0 - 9]

CATEGORY A [ Total = 96 ]

CATEGORY B [ Total = 24 ]


Great Apes [ 8 ]


Audobon Society



Communication: Animal [ 4 ]


Defenders of Wildlife

X 0





Communication: Inter-species [ 4 ]





Entomology [ 4 ]

Veterinary: General

Friends of the Earth International

[ MONDIO - Animal Nation Operating

Veterinary: Wildlife [ 4 ]


Fund for Animals

Personnel ]




Behavior: Animal [ 3 ]



Veterinary Society : Wildlife of Region [ 3 ] etc.

Zoology [ 3 ]


IAWV [ International Association of Wildlife Veterinarians ] [ 3]


Botany [ 3 ]


IUCN [ International Union for Conversation of Nature ] [ 2 ]


Nobel Prize Winner [ 3 ]




Procyonoy [ 3 ]

Marsupialae / Monotrematae

OFM-C [ Order of Friars Minor - Capuchins ]


Orcas [ 2 ]


Rain Forest Action Network


Whales [ 2 ]


Swiss League for the Protection of Nature

X6 E-ANOP Council of Eur. Steering Com for Cons. EEB [ European Environmental Bureau ] Wildlife Trust Partnership Veterinary Society: Wildlife of Region [ 3 ] Veterinary Society: General

Porpoises [ 2 ]


UKU [ Universal Koordinating Union – World Govt. to be set up ]

Simians [2]


World Council of Churches

Pachyderms [ 2 ]

Turtles & Tortoises

WFN / WWF [ Worldwide Fund for Nature / World Wildlife Fund ] [ 2 ]


Lemuroidae [ 2 ]

Pelagic Fish



Felines [ 2 ]


VSV Viveco-Sciencoy por Vivado/Life Sciences for Living; to be set up; to be member, must be professional in life-sciences related to animals & plants, and must provide via donation: 60 hours or 8 days of work per year or10 pages of articles from private research to advance rights of animals and/or animal/plant conservation, + 2 at large to be decided.

X9 A - N - ANOP National Geographic Society Sierra Club Nature Conservancy National Wildlife Federation Veterinary Society: Wildlife etc.

Ungulates [ 2 ]


Ursidoy [ 2 ]


Bats [ 2 ]


Ornithology [ 2 ]


Habitat Regeneration [ 2 ]


Salt Marsh & Tidal Biota [ 2 ]

Insect Pollination

Animal Migration [ 2 ]


Wetlands [ 2 ]




Biodiversity [ 2 ]