death penalty:

The infinite of life can never be equaled by the non-infinite of human decision making. Therefore, the intentional taking of human life is always murder, with no exceptions: whether regarding an undelivered fetus with active heart and brain [an effective "death penalty"], or regarding war when any deaths must always be unintentional accidents that occur in an attempt to disarm or slow down, or regarding the aged or the senile or the retarded or regarding the terminally ill and incapacitated, or regarding State law. This designation of an act of murder applies equally to someone [for example, a legislator] facilitating murder, such as by being an accomplice to the act or by voting to provide funding for its implementation.

For Christians, this should also involve excommunication where the violation is not a one-off act, but an ongoing commitment to such acts [for example, no Church should allow to remain in good standing any member who supports the death penalty or participates in military actions (directly, or via support role) declaredly targeting the deliberate killing of anyone].