Revelation, Book of:

Authored by an unknown author who calls himself John, but attributed by some early churchmen to a known heretic, I , Wiliam VERCH-WELDON, do hereby formally teach that said title of 'heretic' is too mild in the extreme of a required condemnation; closer to the mark  for this caldron of error & deceit are 'agent of Satan' and 'embodiment of anti-Christ'.  Most definitively, it must be removed as a legitimate canonical vessel embodying the truest integrity of Christian witness or revelation.

One starts with the last page's 'A Warning' wherein those who read/study these words are assured of eternal death [removal from the Book of Life] if dispute any part of these pages:  a total embodiment of anti-Christianity and the opposite of Christ's loving efforts to show the true path to God [Matthew 7: 21 'Not everyone who says to Me 'Lord, Lord' (a blind follower) shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the Will of My Father in heaven'].

Then there is the attack upon Christ Himself via one of His symbols involving the Trinity [Rev 13: 18  '666' -- the symbol of the trefoil or trinity, with each outer loop overlapping at inside to form three sixes] whereby the extreme early hatred of Christ's references to three Persons in God [see my entry "Trinity"], and so apparent violation of these His enemies' murderous obsession against anything seeming to dilute this single God concept, gives voice to painting He and all [early Christians] who preach belief in the Trinity as embodiments of the devil.

Generally, all Revelation writing is to activate 'glamour' & 'excitement' rather than the serious business of Christ's message [Mark 8: 34-35  "...deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me"], and so to distract everyone from the difficult work of salvation.

Some items are clearly attractive apart from mere 'glamour' & 'excitement', such as the reference to saved beings in forms other than that of humans, but apart from possible input from extra-terrestial beings alluding to their own form or to the fact that humans themselves likely are not the most intelligent beings on this planet [such as, but not limited to, orcinus orca, the killer whale, whereby both principal methods of estimating intelligence -- concentration of folds in cerebrum, and amount of data present in vocalizations -- indicate vast supremacy over homo sapiens], this portrayal also serves as another diversion from the responsibilities of salvation, and Christ's many instructions.