Mary, Mother of ChristGod, is the fourth reference element [also "infinite" via infinity of life forms & beings in her protoplasm (and other?) linked progeny -- and possibly with linked/integrated counterparts in other worlds & universes & dimensions] of Universe [added to the three of the Trinity: see 'Trinity'] through which an operational system/physical-life/reality/tetrahedronal-physics-with-soul-link is provided to Universe via the 'magnification' of the life projecting essence of God into creation of abundances of new beings who have [in addition to operational physical existence] direct link of their souls to Christ's Divine Soul as membersof one spiritual family fonting/being-cast through the Blessed Virgin -- "I am the vine, you are the branches.",  "I tell you most solemnly, if you do not eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you will not have life in you." (real eternal existence is possible only by being intimately linked to ChristGod, for only His power & substance has assured life & continuity), "Here are My mother and My brothers. Anyone who does the Will of My Father in heaven, he is MY brotherand sister and mother.".

Both the beginning and the continuation of life are dependant upon our baptized ['man born from above'] link to the physical Christ [the complete -- spiritual & temporal -- supremacy of all aspects of life], which link depended upon our most Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of ChristGod, Magnifier of the Lord & of Life.

Mary may not have been incarnated until after Adam & Eve & creatures of Eden, but Her Soul & primordial characteristics of nature were probably eternally present to serve -- in Her uniquely Earthly manifestation -- as pattern & mold for Adam & Eve and similar beings who followed or preceded them; including the human nature of Christ, Her Son.

Major parts of Mary's pattern -- in addition to the fundamental one of humanity itself, male or female -- are the emotional & interpersonal & socializing traits ['mother/female'] of we Earthly beings, which traits as idealized in Mary serve as 'models of perfection' both of what we are inherently capable of, and of what we should become; we can learn these virtuous traits both from Her example while on Earth, and from authentic inspiration to each of us through the agency of the Holy Ghost to Whom, similarly to Christ, She is intimately connected.